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In addition to the CCIE…

So in addition to studying for the CCIE I have been working on getting stronger in both Linux and Python. Why you may ask? Well if you are currently in the networking field I am sure you have heard much talk about SDN and automation of network tasks. Hell, even look at current job postings. I would say most of them will say they want someone that has some sort of programming experience as well as being strong in Linux. Personally I have taken Linux courses in college as well as some programming classes. However to be honest, I really dreaded both. It wasn’t until I graduated that I found my passion for learning and bettering myself.

So recently I picked up Python. It seems to be the fastest growing language out there as well as having a huge community around it. It’s also a plus that Python is a high level language so it isn’t to hard to learn. If your asking what I am using to learn Python, I will post a link to another blog post of mine at the end of this post. So far Python has been going well for me. Some problems that I have been working on feel very challenging, even though they really aren’t. So there is definitely a learning curve for me. Hopefully within a couple months my skills in Python will grow substantially.

Along with learning Python I have also built my self a linux server that will allow me to access the command line at any time. So far linux has actually been lots of fun, makes me with I paid more attention in school :/.  For linux I am just going through the Linux Command Line Introduction book. Which so far has been really good.

So how am I managing learning all of this while also managing a full time job and CCIE training?  Well it been really really tough. Both the Python/Linux training comes second to CCIE. I always make sure I get all my CCIE stuff done for the day before moving on to one of them. I have been trying to organize my schedule in such a way where I study for CCIE 2.5 hours a day and then study Python/Linux for 1.5.  So far it has been working well for me and it is definitely nice to get my mind focused on something different then Cisco. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to