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Continuing the Nexus Grind

So I have still been learning a ton about Nexus these past few weeks and I am starting to feel pretty comfortable at the NX-OS command line. It’s pretty similar to IOS which is good. One thing that took some getting used to for me was enabling specific features. For example, I spent about 15 minutes scratching my head on why I couldn’t create an SVI…and then I facepalmed when I realized I had to enable the interface-vlan feature. I won’t be making that mistake again :)

My configurations have been pretty basic and currently I am still experimenting with vPC’s. Below will be a picture of my current topology. It’s crazy to think how much I have learned in such a short time period and I am loving every moment of it! You really don’t realize how much work goes into building a data center until you actually have to from the ground up. I have been really enjoying learning about data center technologies and I really think I am going to make it my niche in the coming years.

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