Python For Network Engineers

Python For Network Engineers

Oh how most of us thought this day would never come. Well at least I didn’t. I’ve personally never been good at programming, even though I have a graduate degree in Computer Science. Programming has just always been something that never clicked with me. Well the day has come where I need to step up and try and reteach myself the wonderful world of programming/scripting.

So far my progress in Python has been great! I even shocked myself with some of the very helpful scripts I have written. I will be creating a new “Category” on my blog that will contain all the scripts I come along. Don’t set your exceptions too high though. Also feel free to comment with scripts that you have used that help make your life as a network engineer easier.

The purpose of this post is to share what I used to start on writing python scripts. I am literally starting from nothing, I do not have a very strong background in this stuff. So below you will find a bunch of helpful links that I personally have used in helping me get started on the journey to learning how to  program.

*Please note this page is not only for network engineers looking to learn how to program. This page IS for ANYONE looking to teach themselves how to program in Python.


Learning Python

Python In A Day: Learn the Basic, Learn it Quick, Start Coding Fast

Learn Python The Hard Way

Python Cookbook

Python Programming: An Introduction To Computer Science


Video Tutorials

Introduction to Bash Scripting and Python

Learn Computer Programming with Python

Learn Python, it’s CAKE (Beginners)

Python For Beginners


Helpful Websites

Code Academy

Think Python

Python for Network Engineers


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