How to pass the CCNA Exam

How to Pass The CCNA Certification Exam

Congratulations! You’ve decided to study for a Cisco certification!

The next question you’re thinking is: How do you get the CCNA? Schedule & Pass the CCNA test with Pearson Vue!
Tip: Scheduling the test before you study can help you focus to study. 
To that end: If, at the date you schedule, you don’t feel ready; You can reschedule and push the date back. Ask your certification center for the “rules”. My testing center is 1 day [24 Hours] before your test. You can reschedule as many times as you want.

This post is laid out to help you start studying. No, this thread will not help you study specific topics – like EIRGP, RIP, Subnetting… That’s the next step beyond this post. This post’s sole purpose is to help answer the never-ending questions: “How do I study”, “Strategies to study”, “How do I get the CCNA quick?”.

Bottom Line: I can not give you the answer for your situation. Everyone has their own goals, budget, work situation. However, I can share the many methods successful people have used to gain their Certifications. I will also share my own experiences.


SelfStudy >> How to Self-Study for the CCNA 
The rest of the post is dedicated to those that are interested in self-studying. I would hope you are. It’s an exciting, vast world. One that I hope you can share my excitement someday! The networking world is much more involved than routers and switches. At the same time, most electronic information relies heavily on routers to route, and switches to switch. This is the door to all of it, and CCNA is a great start to look into the key-hole.

At the same time your motivation can burn out trying. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy. Because it’s still going to require dedication, time, practice. But this thread is to make it somewhat less foggy.

Ultimately, the best way is get right in! Jump in and do it!


You’ll need to pickup a book!
Yes. I said it. Run for the hills, lock your windows, bar your doors. You heard me. You will need to read something. It’s going to be dry. It’s going to be boring.

First the books: These are the most-often recommended books self-studiers gravitate towards:

-> Wendell Odom. CCNA Offical Cert Library

-> Todd Lammle Routing and Switching Study Guide 


You’ll need to enter commands!

Perfect practice makes perfect! Getting into the terminal, seeing the command-line, and practicing commands is a must-do for CCNA candidates.

Emulators - Emulators will use the actual Cisco IOS. It acts like the real thing without the hardware! Great for saving some cash. I recommend using GNS3. This will not only teach you what you need to know but also save you a boat load of cash.

-> GNS3vault

-> 101 CCNA Lab Workbook


You’ll need to watch Videos!
So what’s the next-best thing to a real teacher in class? A video lesson. While not interactive, it can be used to help understand the fundamentals and can also add other bits of information that you would otherwise not have known about. My ultimate recommendation would be to go with Chris Bryant. He gives you great amount of detail and explains the topics like no other. Did I mention his course is only like $100 bucks? You need this course!

-> CCNA 200-120 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant


There you go! That is all you will need to pass your CCNA Exam (as well as personal motivation and desire). 3 Key ingredients, READ, LAB, and VIDEOS! Just to recap I will post all the essential items you should purchase to pass your CCNA certification exam. Goodluck and please let me know your success story when you pass!

Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Official Cert Guide Library

CCNA Routing and Switching Study Guide


101 CCNA Lab Workbook

CCNA 200-120 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant
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