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Work Update – UPS deployments and 3750 research

Since I have not posted in about 2-3 weeks I thought it was fitting to give an update on what I have been working on at my job. I have been working on two solo projects. One involves replacing all our old UPS’s from our IDF’s, I am just about finished this project and let me tell you coming it at 4:30am is quite a trip when its time to plug the switches into them :) Honestly though, I loved waking up that early to do it! I am so happy to have been given the opportunity. I should be finished this project by next Friday.

The second project I am working on is a major switch upgrade in the late summer. This will involve replacing our remaining 2950/3550 switches and replacing them with 3750 stacks. I have been doing a lot of research lately about this because our current uplinks are 1gbps and we want to upgrade to 10gbps when replacing the switches. Problem that I am having though is that some of our IDF’s are a good distance away from our data center so the in place 62.5 micron fiber will not work. My research has been heavily involved with learning about different fiber types and also compatible SFPs for the 3750. One interesting module that I found is called an LRM which apparently will allow you to extend the distance of your 62.5 micron fiber. This module could prove useful to my organisation if we decide to not replace our fiber runs.

As for my day to day work I am always kept busy with new calls and tickets. Its awesome to finally be able to log into switches and make as needed changes! Makes me feel so good and that all my hard work is finally paying off when I fix a problem!

Week one comes to an end

I am making this post now because I don’t think I will have time to write one tomorrow. I last left off when I told you about my first day as a network engineer. A few days have gone by and I truly am enjoying my job. Yes their are some downsides to it. Since I am the new guy and the youngest in the entire department I often am given the petty work that the other engineers do not want to do. Honestly I expected this because I only have a year of experience and I still have to prove myself. I did however already get access to the switches/routers and I even fixed two networking problems!!! One was a port I was trying to build a machine on had a speed and duplex mismatch so I had to log in to the switch and set it too 100/full. The other issue I had fixed was a port-security issue. All that needed to be done was take out the port-security commands and reapply them with the sticky command appended. I have also used the toner probe quite a but and damn is this thing fun to use! You would not believe how detailed the information this thing gives you.

I also have been getting up to speed on Cisco UCS and Nexus systems. We have a few in our data center sitting on pallets because we are having a data center makeover coming this year. My supervisor gave me a pretty detailed lesson on how the transition will work and I did get a better understanding. However I must admit I feel overwhelmed at times. I also spend a decent amount of time looking at network diagrams to familiarize myself with the infrastructure. Again though I feel overwhelmed since I have never done something like this before. I feel like a lot of the technology just goes right over my head.

One downfall that I have seen to the job is that I do have some small desktop support work that I am responsible for such as creating packages for imaging machines. To be honest with you though I feel that its best for me to start slow and build my way up. If they just threw me in and told me go configure that Nexus for blah blah blah I would crap myself. So  I mean overall I am happy because these past few days I feel that I have learned a ton already and I am very excited on what is yet to come.

Network Engineer job starts tomorrow

So the day has finally come! It is the first day of my network engineering career! I am very excited and I can’t wait to see how much I  will learn. As I said before I am trying not to set my expectations too high but I just can’t help it! This has been what  I have been working towards for the past year and a half. I don’t expect anything eventful to happen in the first couple of days but I will keep the blog updated on my daily tasks. My main goal here is to help/show people how to break into the networking field and also to show what life is like in a network engineers shoes.

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