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“Listen to me: don’t quit, don’t give up. If it get’s hard tie a knot around yourself, you double tie it if you have to, but you hold on”

Weekend motivation! Stay focused! Keep reaching, keep climbing!

A New Opportunity on the Horizon

I never thought that I would consider leaving my first networking  job in just 7 months. Here is the back story.  There has been this company in my area that I have been following for a long time and constantly checking for openings there. This company is rated in top 50 best places to work in the country as well as a huge number in employee satisfaction. I am going to leave the name of this company anonymous.

So this past Monday I received an email from with my daily “15 network engineer openings in your area” and to my surprise the company I have been following for almost a year had an opening for a Junior Network Engineer. I felt like my heart skipped a beat as I quickly opened up the job description. Reading through the job details I could tell this was perfect for me. They are looking for someone with some LAN/WAN network support experience as well as a degree. Most importantly they are looking for someone that has a passion for networking and learning. I quickly updated my resume and sent it on its way.

Withing two days I received an email from HR saying that they want to schedule an initial phone interview. Ecstatic as hell that my resume was even seen by them we set up a meeting for Thursday at noon. Which is today :). Last night I did my normal research of the company so I can show that I am serious about this opportunity. While doing research on the company I also came across a post that read “Hardest Companies to Interview For” and what do you know the company that I am interviewing with is on that list! My heart sank slightly as I read through tons of potential interview questions. I began to doubt myself feeling scared about this whole entire interview. Then a quote came to mind. A quote that is perfect for my very situation. A quote that sends chills down my spine whenever I read it.

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may never exist. Fear is a choice.”

So today is the day, I sit here waiting for noon to arrive so I can take the phone call and hopefully impress the person on the other end. Working for a top company in the country is something that not many people have the opportunity to even interview for. I feel very fortunate to have even been given this chance. But I know that there is only one person that made this all happen, ME! I am the one that studies everyday! I am the one that loses countless hours of sleep! I am the one that refuses to give up and stop pushing myself to my limits! I deserve this chance and now it is once again all up to ME to make this happen!



What is your Motivation?

What is your motivation for your studies?  Is it for the pursuit of a bigger paycheck? Or is it because you actually love what you are studying? Or is it both? For me I would have to say it is a mixture of a lot of things. Of course I want to have bigger paychecks so I can provide for my family in the future, but also at the same time I feel that what I am studying has become a hobby. Which I think is very important in order to become successful in any particular field. My main focus for the past year and a half has been studying networking, particularly Cisco. When I first started studying Cisco I never expected it to become a hobby of mine like it has. At the time I was just trying to make myself more marketable to employers.

However as time went on I started to see that I actually really enjoyed what I was studying…I could even say I was having fun at times. Yes having fun studying! I never had this kind of feeling all four years during college which made me come to this conclusion. I do not like being told that I have to study a particular topic. I want to study the topics I want to and not have a teacher giving me deadlines. I came to this realization rather quickly after graduating school. Another thing that I learned about myself is that I much rather self-study then going to a classroom. Nothing beats sitting in the comfort of your own home and studying at your own convenience. I think I study much better on my own because I have time to gather my thoughts and think things through in my own way.

So to find your motivation you have to look deep within yourself. For me every time I walk into my lab area and see the certifications I have already achieved gives me a boost to push through and add to the wall. So remember to always follow your dreams and you will achieve your goals.

Cisco Study Motivation

Push through your Cisco studies day in and day out. You WILL persevere! Never give up on any problem you face.

Some Motivation Before Your Long Weekend

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