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CCNP Route Study Update – 4/28/13

Just wanted to post a quick update on my studies. Today I just finished up the  BGP section of the 101 CCNP Labs.  As expected they were very tough, it made me even question at times how far I have to go before even taking the CCNP Route exam. I  just don’t know. I am feeling a bit in the dumps because I just finished up my 9th week of studying and I feel so far behind. Maybe the 101 CCNP labs are meant to be this difficult? I never have this problem when I do the Cisco Student Lab Manual labs.  I am just gonna keep pushing forward and try not and doubt myself.  I start on Remote Connectivity tomorrow, hopefully I won’t be too tired after my first day of work. :)

CCNP Route Study Update – 4/21/13

Today I finished up on the CCNP 101 OSPF Labs. As expected they were a lot more advanced then the Cisco SLM labs. Like I said before it is nice to get the additional challenge in the 101 CCNP labs because it forces me to stay on my toes on all the different CCNP topics. For instance, in one of the OSPF labs today I had to implement an EIGRP adjacency in case the primary OSPF link fails. Obviously this is not exactly ideal for real world, but is is nice to see how all these technologies can actually work together. I also liked how the 101 CCNP labs incorporated tunneling for fail over purposes as well. Additionally the 101 Labs almost always included some sort of route policing that needed to be implemented. Which again is great because that for me is a topic that I know will be tough.

So that is it for OSPF for now. I start on the BGP videos from The Bryant Advantage tomorrow morning. I have this whole week off from work until I start my new job as a network engineer next Monday! So I hope I can get a good amount of work done this week.

CCNP Route Study Update – 4/15/13

I had a pretty successful weekend in my studies. I was able to knockout almost all the Chris Bryant OSPF videos. I have only one more left that I will finish up tonight. After finishing up the videos I will dive right into heavy OSPF labing. First I will start with the Cisco Student Lab Manual and after I complete that I will lab from the 101 CCNP labs. This should take about 3-4 days to complete.

The reason I am doing the SLM Labs first is because I have noticed that they are somewhat easier. The 101 CCNP labs incorporate redistribution and manipulating your routing tables very early on. At least that is what I noticed from labing the EIGRP section last week. I like that they are more challenging because it will better prepare me for when I go and study that topic again. I have already read all of the CCNP Route Foundation Learning Guide and watched CBT Nuggets so I already have a decent grasp of what to expect.

I will update again after finishing up with OSPF.

CCNP Route Study Update – 4/9/13

Sorry for not updating the blog lately, I have been pretty busy with my studies lately. In the past 4-5 days I have gone through the entire EIGRP section from Chris Bryant’s Video Series, and yesterday I began labing from the Cisco Student Lab Manual. I have been very impressed from this manual so far. Very nice clear and concise instructions. I went through about 3-4 labs yesterday which took me about 2.5 hours. Took me much longer than I had anticipated.

So that is pretty much my goal for this week. I want to finish up all the EIGRP labs from the Cisco Lab Manual and also the EIGRP labs from the 101 CCNP Labs. This should take me about 2 more days to complete. After that I plan on jumping into the OSPF video series.

Decided to start Chris Bryant CCNP course early

So two days ago I decided I was going to start the Chris Bryant CCNP Route series a few days early. The reason for this is because I really wanted to start getting back into my home lab and personally I enjoy following along with Chris Bryant as he configures throughout his lectures. Basically my plan is to do 3 lectures a day and lab along with them (1-2 hours). After that I will work through the 101 CCNP Labs workbook (1-2 hours per day). This book is a beast. I printed it out and it was over 1700 pages!! I have to take a picture of this monster and show you guys, and yes I did print double sided.

At this point I have gone through about 6 lectures and have been enjoying them a lot. Chris Bryant is very knowledgable and I really like his teaching style. However, I do wish the eBooks were included with the purchase of the course. So far I have gone through a review of routing fundamentals and EIGRP fundamentals. Both sections were a nice review of the basics. I hope to move into Advanced Eigrp lectures tomorrow since tonight I will be going out with a friend.

Lastly I do recommend the Chris Bryant CCNP series for anyone considering going for their CCNP. You will not be disappointed, I promise.


CCNP Route Study Update – 4/2/13

Just wanted to make a quick update on where I am at in my CCNP Route studies. Yesterday night I finished up with IPv6. For the rest of the week I am going to be reading Chapter 1 and 7 from the CiscoPress FLG Route guide. The following week is where I will begin Phase 2 of my study plan (I have a post with my study plan attached). Phase 2 will consist of me going through Chris Bryant’s CCNP Route video series along with labing each day for about two hours. This should take a little more than a month to complete.  I will continue update the blog periodically.

Cisco CCNP Route Study Plan

So I am uploading my Cisco CCNP Route study schedule in hopes that it will help some people out. Feel free to modify this in anyway you see fit. This schedule uses the following study materials:

  • CCNP Route Foundation Learning Guide
  • CBT Nuggets CCNP Series
  • Chris Bryant CCNP Series

(I also plan to make study schedules for CCNP Switch and T-Shoot)

(Please also note that the blank spaces are days where I could not get any studying in, this  schedule should be edited according to your preference)

Week 1 (EIGRP) CBT Nuggets (Lab throughout week) FLG Book Completed
Monday Concepts and Planning 57-83  
Tuesday Implementing Basic EIGRP 83-113  
Wednesday Implementing Adv. EIGRP & Part 2 113-144  
Thursday Best Practices and Design 144-155  
Saturday review+flashcards+ OSPF Foundation Concepts 1 155-179  
Sunday lab eigrp+OSPF Foundation Concepts 2 185-209  
Week 2 (OSPF) CBT Nuggets FLG Book Completed
Monday Implementing Basic OSPF 209-225  
Tuesday OSPF over NBMA & Part 2 (watch p1 twice) 225-244  
Wednesday Area Types and Options 244-281  
Thursday Area Types and Options Part 2+start index cards 281-315  
Saturday flash cards+lab  
Week 3 (IPv4 Redistribution) CBT Nuggets FLG Book Completed
Tuesday  controlling routing updates 325-344  
Wednesday Simple Redistribution 344-373  
Thursday Advanced Redistibution 373-398  
Saturday flashcards+some lab 398-416  
Sunday lab+bgp concepts and planning 471-492  
Week 4 (BGP) CBT Nuggets FLG Book Completed
Monday Basic BGP & Part 2 492-510  
Tuesday Tuning Attributes  
Wednesday Tuning Attributes Part 2 510-534  
Thursday 534-568  
Sunday review+flashcards+lab 568-587  
Week 5 (Path Control) CBT Nuggets FLG Book Completed
Monday BGP flashcards+Configuring Path Control 419-432  
Tuesday 432-446  
Wednesday flashcards 446-467  
Thursday Understand and Implement IPv6  
Saturday IPv6 Routing and Protocols 691-716  
Week 6 (IPv6 Routing) CBT Nuggets FLG Book Completed
Monday IPv6 Routing and Protocols Part 2 716-759  
Tuesday 759-782  
Wednesday Transitioning to IPv6 782-830  
Saturday 824-859
Sunday 859-897
Week 7 (Catch-Up) Catch-Up and review week FLG Chapters not Read Completed
Monday Index Cards for IPv6, first couple cbt nugs. lab it up this week. Chapters 1, 7 need to be read this week
Week 8 (EIGRP) Bryant Videos Labs Completed
Monday Lecture 43,44,45 (55min) Setup Lab
Tuesday Lecture 46,47,48 (50min)
Wednesday Lecture 49,50 (50min)
Thursday Lecture 51,52 (1hr)
Friday Lecture 53,54 (50min)
Saturday Lecture 55,56 (30min)
Sunday review + catchup
Week 9 (OSPF) Bryant Videos Labs Completed
Monday Lecture 57,58,59 (1hr)
Tuesday Lecture 60,61,62 (55min)
Wednesday Lecture 63,64 (1hr)
Thursday Lecture 65,66 (50min)
Friday Lecture 67,68 (30min)
Saturday review + catch up
Sunday review + catch up
Week 10 (BGP) Bryant Videos Labs Completed
Monday Lecture 69,70,71 (1.1hr)
Tuesday Lecture 72,73,74 (45min)
Wednesday Lecture 75,76,77 (1hr)
Thursday Lecture 78,79,80 (1hr)
Friday Lecture 81,82 (35min)
Saturday review + catch up
Sunday review + catch up
Week 11 (Remote Connectivity) Bryant Videos Labs Completed
Monday Lecture 83,84,85 (50min)
Tuesday Lecture 86,87,88,89 (55min)
Wednesday review + catch up
Thursday review + catch up
Friday review + catch up
Saturday review + catch up
Sunday review + catch up
Week 12 (IPv6) Bryant Videos Labs Completed
Monday Lecture 90,91 (35min)
Tuesday Lecture 92,93 (25min)
Wednesday Lecture 94,95 (30min)
Thursday review + catch up
Friday review + catch up
Saturday review + catch up
Sunday review + catch up
Week 13 (IPv4 Redistribution)  Bryant Videos Labs Completed
Monday Lecture 96,97,98 (45min)
Tuesday Lecture 99,100,101 (50min)
Wednesday Lecture 102,103,104,105 (45min)
Thursday Lecture 106,107,108 (45min)
Friday Lecture 109,110,111 (55min)
Saturday review + catch up
Sunday review + catch up


My Resources for CCNP Route

Here is a list of what I am using to prepare myself for CCNP Route:

  • Cisco Press CCNP Route Foundation Learning Guide
  • CBT Nuggets CCNP Video Series
  • Chris Bryant CCNP Video Series
  • 101 CCNP Labs
  • Cisco CCNP Student Lab Manuals

I am hoping this will be enough to prepare me for the CCNP. I plan to sit the exam in about 4-6 months is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to