Monthly Archives: January 2016

Where the HECK have I BEEN?!?!?

I know I know. I am making the same mistake every single blogger does. They say they plan on posting more but never end up doing it. I’ll admit when I’m wrong! :X

So what have I been up to? First and foremost… no I have not gotten my CCIE… yet. I did however find my dream job with GREAT pay, so much so that it kind of made me feel comfortable and… lazy. The pursuit of certification for me has always been to get to that next role and get that increase in pay. Of course I love the technology but the idea of more money was a great motivator for me. So my new role is a Senior Network Engineer at a very large Cisco Gold Partner. I am working as a network consultant which means that I get to travel to various customer locations and deploy the latest and greatest technologies. So far I LOVE it.

So working at a gold partner has a ton of great perks, for instance I get all the training I could ever want for any exam. So why am I not hardcore studying for CCIE? Well I’m gonna be honest now. I’ve been LAZY! I lost that motivation I used to have where I studied 4-5 hours a night and loved every minute of it. As I said earlier maybe the thought of getting to that next job or getting that next big raise from moving jobs was my big motivator. I don’t know what it was but I miss it. I miss that motivation I had and I want it BACK. I will get the CCIE one day, and my goal was always to get it within 5 years of being in networking. I still have two years left.

My favorite part about my job now is that I get to design and deploy some of the latest technologies from Cisco. I think this is a great thing because I strongly believe when I get back into my studies it will be a bit easier. I do a ton of route, switch, wireless, and security deployments on an almost daily basis that it’s just about second nature for me.

So my plan moving forward is to get back into my CCIE studies in the coming months. At that time I do plan to post more because I really do miss posting!  I hope some of you guys that followed me are still out there and that 2016 is a great year for you! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to