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Back Again! What I’ve Been Up To

Hello All! Long time no talk. I’ve been super busy as usual with work and studies that I rarely have a chance to post. So just an update on what I’ve been doing. I decided to go back to my CCIE studies instead of the CCDA/DP route. The reason for this is that the CCDA/DP stuff is very repetitive for me and quite honestly it is all stuff I am familiar with already. I do plan on going back and passing those exams at some point. However there are bigger fish to fry first! The CCIE. For the past 4 months I have been averaging roughly 20 hours a weeks of study time. I have a very strict schedule to adhere to this and most weeks I do go over 20 hours. I try not to rush the material and not push for the infamous “40 hour study week”. My thought on the 40 hours is that there is only so much your brain can retain that at some point you forget what you di an hour ago. For instance it’s Friday and you forget what you did on Monday. I think the 20 hour week is a happy medium of study. I usually try and do 4 hours Monday through Thursday and hit close to 8 hours on the Sunday.

As far as materials go work has provided me with the new INEv5 Advanced Technology Videos. These videos are soooo much better then INE’s v4 videos. Honestly I feel like that was the reason I stopped my CCIE training for a month about ~6 months ago. With the new ATC videos I feel engaged the entire time and Brian does a much better job explaining the topics. I have also been going through  the INEv5 workbook, which is also a great resource.  I should be finishing up with the ATC videos and v5 workbook this week, and then I will be reading the new CCIE v5 Official Cert Guide. I am so pumped to read this book! Written by Narbik you know this is gonna rock! I have already read the chapter on OSPF and thought it was a great overview. However it did not go in as much detail as it could have, but still a good read. I think the OCG is more geared towards the written exam which I hope to take within the next 6 months.

So what’s next for Networking-Link? Well I really want to start posting more! So I decided that I am going to start posting in my notes for each CCIEv5 Topic. I had started this a long time ago with my Multicast Overview. However that post was never completed. I plan to carve out an hour every Sunday, starting in about a week, and post a technical overview about the CCIE topic I covered.

And for those interested I am about ~300 hours into my studies. This does not count the ~200 hours from before I took a break from studying.

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