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New CCNP v2.0 Exam

Hot off the press…the new CCNP Routing & Switching exam has been announced. ¬†Looks like current CCNP candidates will have until January 30th, 2015 to complete all threee of their current exams. Which if you ask me should be plenty of time, especially if you have one or two exams left. However if you are only just thinking about starting to study for the CCNP R&S it might be a good idea to just wait until the new exam is released.

On the bright side it looks like most of the topics will be remaining the same across the board. So all current CCNP R&S study materials will still be relevant. It kinda disappoints me that Frame Relay is still on the exam. I was really hoping they would have replaced in with DMVPN/MPLS topics. Especially now since DMVPN is a large topic in the CCIE R&S track. To each their own…even RIP managed to make the cut over to the new CCNP Exam.

For more information you can check out the official word from Cisco here:


Where I currently stand

Been a while…I figured I’d post how everything has been going for me and where I stand in my studies. Last time I posted I said I was pursuing my CCDA/CCDP, which is currently still in the progress. By the way I am not happy that Cisco raised their exam prices to $250 :( . In the grand scheme of thing it will be worth in though. However all my attention is not set on CCDA/DP. I am also going through a bunch of the below topics which relate to my current job.

  • General Networking
  • BGP
  • Multicast
  • Network management and monitoring
  • Redistribution
  • NAT
  • Route Filtering

For these topics I am going through the corresponding Routing TCP/IP chapters, INE ATC Videos, and also some lab work. Luckily a lot of these topics are also in the CCDP so it kinda goes hand in hand.

Work has also been going very well. I have been super busy. Also I will be starting a Nexus implementation project soon which will be tons of fun. Data Center tech really interests me, so much so that I hope to maybe even go for my CCIE DC one day….ohhh wishful thinking :)

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