Log 9: Back in Action!

Week: 13-14

Hours: 129.75

You thought I had quit didn’t you! Shame on you, shame on you! :)

I had my week break and feel refreshed and good as ever. Week 13 & 14 were filled with finishing up everything OSPF as well as Redistribution. Currently I am in week 15 going through BGP. I actually am really really enjoying it! I think it may be my favorite topic so far.

I really would like to step up my weekly study hours but it has truly become a challenge. I find it very difficult to break more then 13 hours on a weekly basis. My current schedule goes something like this:

Monday through Thursday:
- Work: 9am – 6pm (sometimes later/earlier depending on network changes at work)
- 7pm-8pm: Run, Eat, Shower
- 8pm-11pm: Study (I usually get between 2-3 hours in)

Friday and Saturday:
- I usually hang out with friends/family/gf. Go out to bars and such. My weeks are usually really busy and stressful with work so I feel like I need this time to kick back and relax. I know I should be studying but it’s very difficult :/

- Study for usually 3hours (I try to at least)

All in all I feel I am making decent progress. Yeah I may not be in the “hardcore CCIE mode” but I am definitely becoming a stronger engineer each and everyday.

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  1. that1guy15

    Thats a good schedule. My approach was to start with a base schedule like this and then over time figure out how to squeeze more hours into studying.

    You be suprissed and what time you can come up with.

    I started off like you with 12-18 hours a week and built it up to close to 30. Thats pushing it though. 25 is about the average I get. That is with two little kids as well ;)

    Good luck dude!

  2. Mo

    I have two little kids (oldest is 4 years and the youngest is 4 months) along with extremely stressful job overloaded with design projects/change implementations/Day-2 support 24/7. I also try to get 2-3 hours of study M-Fr and 4-6 hours each day on sat-Sun. But its damn challenging.

    Its not the work that bothers me, its just the moments I feel I am missing while my kids are awake and looking for me to play and be with them but I sneak away for studying in my room alone.

    I feel life is all about priorities. Figure out what is more important and precious to you and act accordingly. I have met engineers who recommend me to be available for my kids while they are young. When they are young, thats the time they need you the most. That is also the core phase of their personality and morale development.

    But I am trying to strike a balance. Its all about finding the right balance. As long as I keep studying, every day will make me a better/stronger engineer. Down the road, I will be a better father and a good engineer. CCIE should just be a by-product of this entire process and effort. At least, thats how I envision my CCIE process. It will be a long, slow, detailed, process. The expansion of ones knowledge is the ultimate goal.

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