Log 8: Everyone needs to take a break sometimes

Week: 10-12

Hours: 113.50

Weeks 10 and 11 were fairly productive. I was able to get through all the EIGRP Advanced Technology Videos as well as finished up all the associated Narbik Labs. Week 11 was spent starting on the OSPF videos as well as some labs. I would say I am about halfway through the video series and labs. However here I am in week 12 and I have officially hit a wall. I have decided to force myself not to study for the entire week. It has honestly been almost 3 years of non stop studying for me. Ever since I began my journey to pass the A+ during my senior year in college. Ever since then I have never gone a week without studying. It honestly feels so strange to not go home and immediately pick up the books. I have so much more free time that I never knew existed! I guess that is something to look forward too when I pass my CCIE one day :)

So yeah week 12 is going to be all about relaxing. I feel that it will do me some good both mentally and physically.

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  1. that1guy15

    Yeah it has always been stressed to me to incorporate a break into your CCIE studies. For me I back off labbing about once every 5th week for a week.

    I dont fully back off studies as Im afraid I wont come back to them :). My time is spent reading and watching INE ATC videos.

    It help tremendously!

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