Log 7: Finding my motivation

Week: 8-9

Hours: 98.25

Weeks 8 and 9 were tough to get through, I am not gonna lie. The material I was going through was on the boring side so everyday was really a struggle. My motivation is at an all time low as well. I only studied for a total of 4.50 hours in week 9! I have never studied that little in the past 2.5 years! The CCIE is like no other journey I have faced before. Every exam I have ever went for was typically very clear cut and the topics were written out clearly. However with the CCIE, the abundance of topics can be quite overwhelming.  I’m trying my hardest to remain on track, but I am very worried I am starting to feel burned out. Work has been extremely busy, which in my opinion is a great thing since I am doing R&S stuff every day.

In Week 10 I will be going through the INE Adv. Tech EIGRP videos as well as going through the Narbik EIGRP Labs from the Advanced R&S Volume I workbook.

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