Log 6: Layer 2 Tech. Done

Week: 7

Hours: 84.25

I definitely did not get in as much studying as I would have wanted this week. I blame it on the fact that I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off to go up to the mountains. Like I said I am taking this slow and am not in the “hardcore” studying mode. Especially since workbooks/books/videos have yet to be released for the new CCIEv5 exam. This week I finished up the Layer 2 technologies which includes both working through the labs as well as going through the INE Advanced Technology videos. Towards the end of the week I started up PBR related topics which I have yet to begin to lab. Week 8 should be filled with mostly going through these labs and hopefully starting on Layer 3 topics.

Also please check out this post I made which included a bunch of CCIE Study Material which I compiled.


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  1. Mo

    Hey Talentoso:
    I went through your list of recommended CCIE material, I have everything except Routing Bits book.

    But I would also recommend you adding “Internet Routing Architectures, 2nd Edition by Sam Halabi.” This book is regarded as one of the BGP bibles.

    Then there is “CISCO Certification: Bridges, Routers & Switches for Ccies” by Andrew Bruce Caslow.

    Both of these books used to be “must-haves” and reigned during their times and countless vet CCIEs still recommend them to lay strong foundations.

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