Log 5: Let the labs begin

Week: 6

Hours: 74.50

This week I started on Narbiks Advanced R&S Workbook I as well as the Advanced Technologies Video series from INE. I am trying to line up the two of them so I get the most information I can from each topic. I am currently working through the Layer 2  labs and videos. I am hoping that I am able to finish them up in week 7. I didn’t realize how long some of these labs are! One lab took me close to 3 hours! This is definitely a change from what I am used to from my CCNA/NP studies. Most of the stuff however still seems like a review from the Switch exam.

Keeping this post short and sweet.

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  1. Mo

    First of all, I want to know your name. secondly, I have at least written two posts but I have never received a reply and I cant ever find them where did they disappear. Do you have self-destruction integrated when you review them?

    Now coming to the real topic: I am currently refreshing my CCNP concepts before moving on, wanted to know as frame-relay has been dropped out of v5 blueprint, what do you recommend for my CCNP studies? Should I still refresh based on frame-relay or should I currently only stick to ethernet and forget about wan as of now?
    Once, I am done with my basic refresher then I can always use foundation v5.0 from Narbick and bridge the gap? But has Narbick also excluded “frame relay” from his v5.0 foundation?

    Please guide.

  2. Mo

    I will call you “Talentoso”, how about that? You like it or not, but you will have to bear it or pick one yourself.

    Regarding my other comments, you are right it showed up with a time stamp of Feb 9th but I think, I posted a little earlier than that. But not a biggie! Can live with this.

  3. Luján Schiangerelli

    Cisco still wasting Frame Relay on the CCNP exam.?
    Why, if that is a very old legacy stuff.

    Nobody use Frame relay anymore, so why should I waste my time and money on something i dont need any more.

    Cisco must update their exams.

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