Log 3: Read, Read, Read

Week: 4

Hours: 45.75

Week 4 was filled with finishing up the rest of the INE Written Bootcamp videos and then starting on Routing TCP/IP Volume I. As I mentioned in my last log I really was not impressed with the INE Written video series. I would not recommend it. However I do recommend Routing TCP/IP! I am not a huge fan of reading, however this book is actually written very well. I’ll be honest I was very intimidated about starting it because I thought it was going to be very dull and boring. So far though it has been the complete opposite. Most of the chapters are written in “Case Studies” which basically is a scenario and then it walks you through how the routers would act in such a scenario. I am really enjoying it so I decided I am going to read both Volumes cover to cover, only skipping topics not covered in CCIEv5.

Some have asked what I have been using to do labs. My main lab resource at this time has been GNS3. I have always sworn by my physical lab, however with CCIEv5 being announced to run in a virtual environment I figured it would not be very smart of me to purchase an entire v4 lab. For some labs I have been using my 3560s since they cannot be simulated in GNS3. Surprisingly though I have not ran into any issues using GNS3 through the  Narbik Foundation Workbooks. Hopefully Cisco VIRL will be released soon and I can get my hands on that.

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  1. Niklas

    Would you say Routing TCP/IP Vol I would be a good resource for CCNP Route, or would it be overkill? I really dont like the CCNP FLG and im looking for an alternative

  2. kitsune

    Yes, I agree with you about the braindump.
    I am working for a small company here in Tokyo and my colleagues are all briandumped(since this company is also a cisco test center, they can use their tablet/pc during the exam.. which is even worse).
    Fortunately there are two REAL CCIE(we did some awesome projects) but last week one quit and the other one soon.
    I didn’t know about this situation and I really want to leave.
    This isnt good for job market AND who wants to learn something on the job.
    Hope to find a good job offer in the near future.

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