Log 2: Building a CCIE Foundation

Week: 3

Hours: 36.5

Week 3 was dedicated to finishing Volume 2 of the Narbik Foundation series, which I completed on Wednesday night. All in all the Foundation workbooks from NArbik were a great refresher on all the CCNP topics as well as added topics that are found in the CCIE. The workbooks really held my hand through the labs and gave great detailed explanations on all the commands. I was very impressed by them and you can tell Narbik put a lot of effort into them. I give them two thumbs up! I can’t wait to start on the Narbik Advanced R&S workbooks.

The rest of Week 3 was focused on going through the INE Written Bootcamp. Personally I think the Written Bootcamp is lacking in sooooo many areas. Not only are there a handful of videos but they are also very short. I’m sorry but you can not have only one video on BGP and have it be 50 minutes. I guess that’s why they push the Advanced Technologies video series as well. I have about 5 more videos to go so they will be finished in Week 4.

I still need to read through Routing TCP/IP Vol 1 and 2 so my plan is also to start on that come Week 4. Any free time during work I am also going through Cisco Docs as well as RFCs. One cool feature I found on the Cisco website is the Q and A section of the different technologies. I highly recommend checking it out.

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