“Listen to me: don’t quit, don’t give up. If it get’s hard tie a knot around yourself, you double tie it if you have to, but you hold on”

Weekend motivation! Stay focused! Keep reaching, keep climbing!

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  1. Niklas

    Hello and greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.

    Just wanted to check in and say I like your blog and that your drive is really impressive and inspiring! Im in the process of studying for the CCNP route myself, and have adopted your study plan with some modifications to it.
    Really nice to be able to follow you aiming for the stars so keep posting and ill sure keep reading :)

    Oh and i love these motivational videos you keep posting! They keep me from forgetting why Im doing all of this :)

    Thanks and see ya!

  2. Muhammad

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and valuable tips with us. Somehow discovered your blog tonight and absolutely love it for obvious reasons. I am starting my CCNP Route studies this week and will surely use your study plan as my plan of attack. I will be here everyday now.

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