My First Week In Review

I have had absolutely zero time to make a blog post since starting my new job until now. I’ve decided that I am going to try and give weekly updates on what I am working on and also how I am progressing both in the real world and my certifications studies. My hours are a lot longer now because I have taken on a lot more responsibilities compared to my last job. Also the environment in 10x bigger then anything I have ever seen before.  So all my free time is taken up with trying to bring myself up to speed as well as finding time to study for my CCNP.

Most of my week was filled with meeting other members of my team as well as gathering all necessary networking tools and diagrams. I will be the 9th engineer joining the network services team. There are also three other network teams that handle different aspects of the network. So I would say the total amount of network engineers is somewhere in the range of 30-40. The most engineers I have ever worked with at a previous job was 3 so you can imagine the transition this is going to be for me.

Everyone on my team is extremely bright and talented in many areas of networking. Many also are very skilled at coding. We use a lot of in house applications that were developed by both current and previous engineers. This got me to thinking that I should probably brush up on my computer science. I had a bunch of computer science classes in college however I absolutely hated it. I am hoping that this time things may be different since I will be self teaching it to myself. I will most likely try and learn some Python in my downtime at work. It is definitely not a top priority of mine, however I feel with SDN on the horizon it can’t hurt to learn.

Besides that I am really excited to work in this environment. There is constant changes being made to the network so it will definitely be a great learning experience for me.

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