CCNP Switch Study Update – 8/5/13

The one month mark of my studying has been reached! I feel that I have made a lot of progress this month in my studies, partly because I am actually enjoying the content more then the Route exam. Most people say the opposite and that they prefer the Route content over the Switch any day. I think the reason I am enjoying the material so much is because it is going hand in hand with my everyday work. It has already helped me tremendously in understanding data center switching (I still have a ton to learn). FHRP, Etherchannels, and STP have all been the most overlapping topics with my daily work.

Below is what I completed in Week 3 & 4

Week 3  CBT Nuggets OCG Completed
Monday SICK
Tuesday SICK Chapter 14 X
Wednesday -Wireless LAN: Concepts and Design p1
-Wireless LAN: Concepts and Design p2
-Wireless LAN: Frequencies and 802.11 Standards
-Wireless LAN: Understanding the Hardware
Thursday The Switches Domain: Additional Life Saving Tech Chapter 15 X
Friday OFF
Saturday Chapter 12 X
Sunday Monitoring: Your Pulse on the Network X
Week 4   Bryant Advantage Lab Completed
Monday Lecture 2-5 1hr X
Tuesday Lecture 6-8 X
Wednesday Lecture 9-11 1hr X
Thursday Lecture 12-15 1hr X
Friday OFF
Saturday Lecture 16-19 1.5hr X
Sunday Lecture 20-23 1.5hr X

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