CCNP Switch Study Update – 7/17/13

So I am about 1.5 weeks into my studies and have already covered a lot more material then I had expected. Last week I was able to cover the following:

Week 1 (VLAN & STP) CBT Nuggets OCG Completed
Monday -The Switches Domain: Core Concepts and Design

-VLANS: Configuration and verification
-VLANS: In-Depth Trunking
Chapter 2 X
Tuesday VLANS: VTP Chapter 3 & 4 X
Wednesday -STP: Foundation PVST Concepts Part 1
-STP: Foundation PVST Concepts Part 2
Chapter 5 X
Thursday STP: RSTP Concepts and Config Chapter 7 & 8 X
Friday Chapter 9 & 10 X
Saturday Ether Channel: Agg. Redundant Links X
Sunday OFF

The first 4 chapters were a breeze…and then came STP….I don’t know what it is about these study guides but they always start out so fun and easy and then they punch you in the face with a confusing topic :(. lol. Right now I am just trying to get a solid overview of all the topics so I am not stressing to much if I don’t understand something perfectly.

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  1. Dinesh

    I know this might sound like a random question, but what are your study methods?
    Do you just read and then practice labs and also watch video lessons?
    I find myself falling asleep after reading a lot of theory.

  2. Dinesh


    If you don’t mind could you please check out this link from ebay
    I’m thinking of getting it but not 100% sure.


  3. Dinesh

    Nice one! Thanks for your advice. I am doing my CCNP so will have to get the switches as well.

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