Racking the Cisco Nexus 7010

So yesterday was a very eventful day. We finally got around to racking the Nexus 7010. The process took longer then expected however at the end of the day it got done. You don’t realize how much thought and effort goes into just racking a unit. First we had to put the APC rack together, well it was already put together but we had to adjust the rack posts so they would sit how we like. Next we had to unpackage the Nexus and get it into the rack somehow. We used a device called a server lift. Its basically a smaller version of a fork life that was designed to be used in data centers. Ill spare you the details on how we got the Nexus on the lift but it was interesting haha. Once we finally got the Nexus in the rack it came time to screw it in, which in itself took a solid 30 minutes because putting in cage nuts is not fun. Today we continue filling up the new rack, I believe we are putting in the Cisco 5548 and the Cisco UCS in next.

below is a picture of the Nexus after we racked it.


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