Books can’t teach you everything

So having worked as a network engineer for little over a month now I have come to the sad sad realization that the books can not teach me everything about networking. This fact was essentially enforced when I was racking the Nexus 7010/5548s. You really do not realize how many more things go into a data center then just servers, routers, and switches. So much planning and meetings with various vendors to discuss topics ranging from cooling to electricity. It really is all just overwhelming for me at times. One thing that I also find myself somewhat lost in is fiber connectivity. There are so many different kinds of connectors and the idea of fiber patch panels somewhat confuses me as well. I am starting to get a grasp of it a little more and I am sure as I build up our new data center I will get to see how everything is interconnected. Which in turn I hope clears up any confusion I may have.

Today I also ordered Todd Lammle’s CCNA Data Center (640-911) book. The reason I bought this is because I need to get a better understanding of Cisco Nexus at a basic level asap. I am going to have the opportunity to play with the Nexus in a test environment for a few weeks so I want to take advantage of that as much as I can. I am not losing focus on my CCNP studies, that is still my number one priority. However after I pass CCNP I hope to go for my  CCNA Data Center as well as CCDA.

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  1. Marbles

    Hi! It’s me again. I just want to ask you a couple of things for my study.
    I was wondering, will it be a good idea for me to order a couple of CCNA guide book or just stick with the Cisco Networking Academy Curriculum Program ( a multimedia software that have Discovery notes ).

    I’ve seen a guidebook before, there are detailed tutorials for almost everything and it got me reading, but one thing that complicates me is, it’s hard to get myself on CCNA guide book here.

    About the Curriculum program, I could get it free on the internet, it have many basic explanation in every chapter. Also it is easy to find anything that i want with the search capability but it’s not detailed as the guide book.

    I don’t know if the curriculum program have same content as the guide book but clearly the guide book helps me more when I’m doing my assignments or lab tutorials. And the curriculum program just can help me to refresh back what i have temporarily forgot.

      • Marbles

        I guess so. Last i saw the book, pretty sure that it is a guidebook, and definitely not lab work book though that would be beneficial to me too. I don’t know about CiscoPress book, what is it the CiscoPress book covers?

          • Marbles

            The Cisco press book certainly interest me. I really need a book that covers ICDN1 and ICDN2 since i haven’t taken any exam yet. So I’ll be buying this book for sure. How about the CCNA labwork book? Will that be able to help me improve my practical skill?

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