CCNP Route Study Dilemma

So I have found myself to be stuck at a crossroads. My new job and my studies have both been going great however upon starting my job I can’t shake the feeling that CCNP Switch would be so much more beneficial for me at this time. The reason I say this is because in my current role I will being dealing mostly on the LAN side of things. Yes occasionally I will have to troubleshoot WAN problems but I honestly don’t think those will come up as often as LAN issues.

I’m way to far into my Route studies to just switch to Switch so I am just gonna have to finish up strong so I can begin the Switch studies asap. I glanced through the Ciscopress Switch book last night and even noticed things in it that other engineers were discussing just that day. I hope to take the Route exam in the next 2-3 months, however now I feel like I am going to be rushing to get it done so I can move onto Switch. I really want to grasp all the concepts well so I am not just doing it for a piece of “paper”.

If anyone can comment on which has helped them more in the workplace Switch or Route that would be great! Thank you!


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  1. tim

    I am presently studying Route (and have been for many months now). The recommended study plan is Route-Switch-Tshoot. Route studies support Switch and feed into Tshoot. Stick with the Route studies so you get a solid knowledge of routing. You have a career ahead of you in networking so do not cut corners in your studies. Switch studies would be more benefit in my job too, but we are both aiming to be network professionals and have to take the long view, especially if as Chris Bryant points out, you are now working at NP level towards your IE number :) Your blog inspires my studies – keep focussed on Route and you will soon be studying Switch ;)

  2. Mitch

    I think it depends on the size of the network you are working with. If its a large enterprise or SP than you most likely have large routing tables with some redistribution or metric tweaking of the IGP along with some BGP. ROUTE makes better sense in that case. A small enterprise or local ISP probably have more layer 2 networks and trunking. Most likely port channels and HSRP are used for redundancy instead of layer 3 routing techniques, so SWITCH makes sense. However, I’d go with whatever you feel more comfortable with, you don’t want to lose motivation in obtaining the cert.

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