Set your Networking Career Path

I have been told by a few individuals over the years that you can not plan out your career, and that things will always come up that you never expect throughout your entire career. I do agree with this to an extent however I think having a 3 or 5 year plan is crucial to your success. Of course their will be occurrences that you never expect to happen; some will be good and some will be bad. What matters is that you are able to deal with them and continue with your 5 year plan.

Since starting full-time in IT I made myself a 5-year plan and have achieved so far every goal I had initially set for myself. This included passing my A+/Network+/CCENT/CCNA and also getting into the networking field within my first year of working full-time. This is not a coincidence or luck. I am living proof that if you set your mind to something and you want it more than anything else you will achieve it. Some other goals of mine in my 5 year plan include passing CCNP/CCDA/CCDP, become a mid-senior engineer, become a network consultant, and finally passing CCIE. Passing CCIE may not happen in my 5 year plan but I feel that if I stay at the pace I am currently keeping I should be able to pass it by the time I am 26-27.

So please do yourself a favor and literally write yourself out a career path and follow it. Don’t lose sight of your goals and don’t let other people tell you that you are taking the wrong path. Trust me you will run into tons of people that think certifications are a waste of time. Get those kind of people out of your life. I guarantee you will surpass their skill set much faster then they took to get their.

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  1. Jonathan D. Rebollo

    Really good blog my friend.
    I am a network engineer from México, so far I’ve gotten CCNA, CCNA Security and the Route exam for the CCNP R&S, and currently studying for Switch (642-813). I’ll be following and keep reading your blog.


  2. Quickybilly

    Your posts are actually really good and motivating. You helped me renew my motivations ;)

    I’m working on my CCNA Sec at the moment and 15 days ago I passed my CCNA.

    As you said it in your post, I hadn’t work for a certification because my employer does not believe in that. In the company I work for there are no positions for consultants but I decided a few months ago that I want to have this kind of knowledge. At the moment I’m not planning to work for a CCIE, but I want to have CCNP Security and R&S, although Voice, DC and Design are also in my vision.

    My first Step is CCNA Sec and then CCNP Sec, will see what fits better with my needs afterwards, if Voice or R&S.

      • Quickybilly

        Thank you!!!

        Yep, actually that’s the way I feel right now. I like my job, but I kinda have the feeling that for this company, this would always be my job, for the rest of my working life. If the company grows, we’ll probably grow, but right now that’s the way it is, there’s no position to promote, you can only gain experience in so many different things that you’re never an expert on anything.

        I like having different things to do, but I have the feeling that the company thinks that we’re well where we are and with the knowledge we have, so that we do not need anything else. If something new comes up, just learn what you need to get it working.

        I also like the DC path, but as I’m working on a daily basis with security equipment, I think that’s the easiest path for me right now and also, the one that I’m going to use more.

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