CCNP Route Study Update – 4/21/13

Today I finished up on the CCNP 101 OSPF Labs. As expected they were a lot more advanced then the Cisco SLM labs. Like I said before it is nice to get the additional challenge in the 101 CCNP labs because it forces me to stay on my toes on all the different CCNP topics. For instance, in one of the OSPF labs today I had to implement an EIGRP adjacency in case the primary OSPF link fails. Obviously this is not exactly ideal for real world, but is is nice to see how all these technologies can actually work together. I also liked how the 101 CCNP labs incorporated tunneling for fail over purposes as well. Additionally the 101 Labs almost always included some sort of route policing that needed to be implemented. Which again is great because that for me is a topic that I know will be tough.

So that is it for OSPF for now. I start on the BGP videos from The Bryant Advantage tomorrow morning. I have this whole week off from work until I start my new job as a network engineer next Monday! So I hope I can get a good amount of work done this week.

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  1. Dean

    I was wondering if you have gone through the BGP labs in 101 CCNP Labs?

    I feel the labs are good and you have to be on your toes but I wish their was another resource like this book with more labs. The labs arn’t that bad once you have an understanding what they are asking for.

    I highly recomend these labs over the Route Lab Manual but not understanding what the lab is asking for is a major hurdle anybody doing the labs will have to overcome. Sometimes you just have to try to figure out the solution and hopefully your logic is right. Then go look at the answer take notes on why that answer was correct , what you missed and then move forward with the next lab. Come back to that lab in a week or two and think through it but don’t memorize it.

    Just my $.02

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